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    • 10 May 2019
    • 19 May 2019
    • Micronesia
    Micronesia: Yap & Ulithi Atoll
    Natural History, Snorkeling, Manata Rays & Nesting Sea Turtles

    Explore the island of Yap known for its cultural traditions and manta ray sanctuary, and experience remote Ulithi Atoll where snorkel sites are still untouched and our group may be the only visitors on the entire atoll.  We also provide a community service by participating in a marine debris beach clean up to restore nesting sea turtle habitat.  The expedition is co-sponsored with Hawaii Wildlife Fund.
    Cost:  $2,890 (does not include airfare from home to Yap)       ($500 deposit when registering)

    • 07 Jun 2019
    • 26 Jun 2019
    • Micronesia
    Micronesia: Yap & Ulithi Youth Program

    Bluecology, in partnership with One People One Reef is offering  college students an opportunity of a lifetime to assist community leaders, local students and scientists with the development of an action plan for youth leadership. One People One Reef works with outer island communities to bring traditions and modern science together in a unique approach to sustainable ocean management.


    Step 1:  Submit Application Essay as described here, and separately click "REGISTER" on the left, enter your email address, and then select "APPLICATION FEE" to make your initial payment.

    Step  2:  Bluecology and One People One Reef will review your essay, and let you know if you have been selected for the program.  If so, you should now pay the initial DEPOSIT FEE here.
    Total Cost:  $3,950   ($500 deposit when registering, does not include airfare to Yap)

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